The Best Little Scholarship Book In The World!


Over 40 specific ideas for community service, examples of leadership styles, and easy-to-use powerful goal setting worksheets.

Each chapter is divided into short sections.
Read a lot. Read a little. The choice is up to you. Best of all, may be the chapter on personalizing scholarship applications. This one piece of information will get you into the finalist competition!
Make an investment in this book.
It is a prescription that has the real possibility of curing your college financial ills. Follow the plan, and it will prepare you to win scholarship after scholarship. I know it. Now, it’s your turn to Believe It and Make It Happen!
As you read
You will notice that I refer to the reader as “you”, “parent” and “student.” You’re all part of the same family, so don’t let that shift confuse you. You will also become aware of repeated info. That stresses importance.
Outstanding News, I whole-heartedly believe that almost any student can win college scholarships.
The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World is for those families who are serious about winning. Somewhere in this book there is a seven letter-number code. Solve it, email the answer to me, along with your name and physical mailing address, and I will send you an original paperback copy of Dale's book.
What does it take to achieve scholarship success?
A plan. This book will describe it in detail. If you are in the 8th grade, your chances are outstanding. If you are a junior or senior, ready to fill out scholarship apps, you will learn valuable information that will increase your chances to win ten fold.
There are good reasons to win.
When’s the last time a college or university announced they were lowering fees? Some have kept them level for a few years, but most keep on raising costs 7 to 10% year after year. Your college financial debt will increase up to $20,000 and more by the time you graduate. Scholarships and grants can reduce or eliminate higher education expenses. Instead of paying up to $100,000 for a bachelor’s degree, why not pay nothing or almost nothing?


The Best Little Scholarship Book In The World!