Are You Eligible For The David Letterman Scholarship Award

The David Letterman Scholarship was created by David Letterman to reward students who are academically average like he was. While attending Ball Sate, he was a C student. There are not a lot of scholarships available to the “average C” student. This type of award gives average students the chance to shine like the funny TV talk show host himself.

The David Letterman Scholarship is awarded to individuals who are average in academics but have a creative imagination. The scholarship award was established in 1985 by the TV talk show host for students who major or minor in telecommunications at Ball State University, located in Muncie, Indiana.

Winners of the award are judged on their creative projects. Winners of this award are chosen primarily for their creativeness and authenticity of the project. Projects that can be considered in this scholarship are basically around the area of media. The media projects can be delivered by written work, research, audio, video, film and graphics.

There are several requirements needed before someone can apply for the scholarship. To begin with the student must have between 30 and 102 semester hours, starting at the end of the fall semester. The student must be a major or minor in telecommunications at Ball State University, with 12 credit hours in this area of study at the time of the application. The final major requirement is that the student must continue as a full-time student for the semester following the awarding of the David Letterman Scholarship.

The scholarship money awards are given out in three amounts. The winner will receive $10,000. The first runner-up will receive $5,000 and the second runner-up will received $3,333. All of the awards are given to the winners in the next academic school year. All winners of the awards are required to provide a couple copies of their projects so they can be included in the Letterman Scholarship Library and a copy can be sent to the man behind the scholarship.

Students should also look into many other scholarship opportunities to increase their odds of receiving one. They are a great way to make college less of a burden as there is less financial pressure. Look into funds that your local community offers and find various niche groups where you can apply. In addition, check with your guidance counselor as they have a comprehensive list. If you aren’t able to get scholarship money, student loans are an excellent way to still get your education completed.

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