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Jimmy Hopkins, 15 years old, has a hard time coping with his new boarding school. The various high school cliques – Nerds, Bullies, Preppies, Greasers, Jocks or Townies – don’t welcome him very heartly and the teachers don’t like him either. Will Jimmy one day become the king of the school?

Edit notes: Gameplay has been shortened to cutscenes and missions only (no travel/walking downtime). I left some class minigames unedited – they are optional for the story and can be completed in endless mode after story is finished.

0:00 Intro
4:55 Chapter I
1:21:39 Chapter II
2:38:32 Chapter III
4:44:25 Chapter IV
6:32:16 Chapter V


Bully: Scholarship Edition (2008)

Release Date: 21 Oct, 2008
Developer/Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: PC

Available on Gamivo(*):

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Available on Steam:

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