100% Canadian University Scholarships for International Students 🇨🇦

Step by Step process to Get a Scholarships in Canada for International Students. Undergraduate, Post Graduate & PhD. Its insane the number of opportunities that are out there for international students, you could almost study for FREE!

Yocket is India’s largest community based digital platform for study abroad aspirants! Established in 2015, till date they have 1400+ universities and 430,000+ registered users on the Yocket app.
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Video Chapters 📖 (Bread Crumbs 🍞 )
0:00 – Intro
2:07 – Tuition Fee
4:47 – Waterloo University
5:43 – Carleton University
6:09 – University of British Columbia
6:51 – George Brown College
7:55 – University of Toronto
11:34 – That’s all folks

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** This video is for educational purposes only. My ideas are opinions expressed are my own. **


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