LSR + LLB Delhi Law Faculty + Full Scholarship LLM Cambridge Uni + Amarchand | Interview w/ Ishmeet

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✻ In this video I interview my cousin & friend Ishmeet Kaur who is a B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy from Lady Sriram College, a law graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi University, an alumna of Cambridge University where she pursed an LLM on full scholarship, ex-Amarchand and currently a Disputes lawyer in London.

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✻ Use the below timestamps to go to particular sections of the video:

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Childhood & School life
3:00​ 12th Board Exams as a Commerce Student
4:41​ Applying to Delhi University
6:42​ Lady Sri Ram (LSR)
8:29​ Decision to study Law
10:07​ Law entrance exams
11:34​ Faculty of Law, Delhi University
12:53​ Being a non-NLU graduate
14:24​ Working with a Supreme Court Judge
16:51​ Deciding to pursue an LLM
17:50​ Why an LLM outside India?
18:16​ Deciding between USA and UK
19:03​ Is an LLM degree necessary?
20:02​ Securing a full scholarship
21:23​ How to find a scholarship
22:54​ Studying at Cambridge University
24:59 Experience at a foreign university
25:48 Litigation after LLM
26:26 Working at Amarchand after UK
27:25 Challenges as a female lawyer
29:47 Getting an international job from India
31:05 Current role in London
31:42 Difference between working in India and the UK
33:01 Future plan
33:36 Tips for students & younger self
35:29 “I wish I had known this before I started law…”
36:35​ Final thoughts

✻ MBA after CA:…​

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