Q: Why should we get The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World?

A: It will show you how to plan the scholarship process from start to finish.


Q: Can’t we do it by ourselves?

A: You will do better when you know what scholarship committees want and expect.  Applications have to survive several rounds of evaluation before any money is awarded.


Q: Are there secrets to winning college scholarships?

A: Not really, but there are winning strategies that champions have used.  The Scholarship Doctor reveals those strategies and techniques.


Q: Is it possible to pay for a college education using only scholarship money?

A: Yes, it has been done many times.  But, what if your scholarships are only half of the cost of college, or even two-thirds?  You will have saved thousand of dollars with College Scholarship Planning.


Q: There are other scholarship information websites on the Internet. Some of them charge a lot more money than you do.  Why is that?  Why should we get The Best little Scholarship Book in the World?

A: I cannot answer for others. I just want to reach as many families and students possible. It seems to me that $19.95 for The Best little Scholarship Book in the World (Paperback Edition) or $4.95 (eBook Edition) and a free MP3 Download, Almost Any Student Can Win College Scholarships, is a great offer that anyone can afford.

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