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The Scholarship Doctor’s Remedies from the Medicine Cabinet


Chapter 4:   The 6 Core Areas That Affect Scholarship Committees The Most And What You Need To Do About Them 

This chapter will show you how to win over scholarship committees.


Chapter 6:   The Internet And Other Resources: Make Them Work for You

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the college scholarship search. This chapter will help you get organized.


Chapter 12: Creating Winning College Scholarship Applications

It’s all about winning! There are ideas here that you will not find anywhere else.

After you purchase your copy of “The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World”, there will be several pages that will be required to be printed.  This is not permitted from the eBook, however, you will find those pages here, in PDF format so that you can download them and easily print them off for use.  You will also find some audio from Dale Clifton, the author, here as well.

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